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Alice And Lovely

We met these two cuties in the bar at our hotel and got to chatting. They were on break from nursing school and looking for some fun. We got talking to them and invited them up to our room for some fun. They said it sound like fun, but they were not sure about doing any boy/girl stuff. No biggie, and we figured it was a loss. Then Alice said they loved to "play" together. Whoa, out came the camera and these two tiny morsels gave us a real nice lesson in female bonding. They were very shy and slow, but the scene was hot. After after the shoot, our vid guys came home from dropping them off and said, "Well Alice is not a full lesbian and I can swear to that"! Lucky bastard.

Lea is a chick that comes off with an attitude. She does have an nice little patch on her pussy and that kinda made things better when we saw it. She quickly got over the mood and into fingering herself and squeezing those nice little "susu's" of hers. Things got pretty hot as she jerked herself off. I know the guy in the building nextdoor got a good show. We all swear he was flailing his quail at our expense. Fuck him we had the goods. Lea finished the shoot and said. "You like it". Well if you had been at the after shoot party, you would know that answer.
Ana And Leo

We met This cute couple by the pool at our hotel. After some small talk we found out that they snuck off to here often to have a bit of private fun. We were talking to a new guy to do some vids for us and thought, hmmm. maybe we can get some action for all here and Ana and Leo can get a free room and us a free shoot and audition all in one. We casaully offered and they said sure. Once we all got in the room it was no time flat and they were nekked and sucking and fucking. It was a great afternoon for all. We did find our auditioning video guy had never shot this before and he kept getting wood and having a "Hard" Time staying cool. Even Ana teased him. Fun holiday for all!